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german guy datingcharliepeniston    Nottingham, England
Enjoy socializing with friends and family. Go out walking.
browse singles in your areahakan33    Lowestoft, England
I love to laugh and looking for someone with a sense of humor. I have a great job that I love. I love all types of music, anything with a beat I can sing a long to will work. I enjoy watching sports
speed dating swanseabachi    Raleigh, North Carolina
I live in Southampton but owing to work commitments I am away during the week. Basically I live for weekends! I am up for just about anything to have a good time! I believe I am honest, considerate
sacramento datinggreenerline    Galway, Galway
I love the outdoors, getting out of the house altogether. I have two kids who are my everything. If you cant accept them then you can't accept me. I'm a very passionate person

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