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new id for skypejay151    Beamsville, Ontario
I love turtles and my kids. I like video games, but they aren't my life. I am married, but seperated. I have 3 turtles and three kids. I'm lookING to date but if a relationship happens then it happen
lithuania datingSERG1974    Toledo, Ohio
I love to play softball!! And no I'm not a lesbian!! Haha hopefully that caught ur attention!!! I like to laugh and have fun. I also have a big heart and love my family. I like to chill with friends
online dating worldNORTHCALI707    Brighton, England
Hello ladies I'm looking for a fun attractive woman for dates and see what happens. I like someone fit, sporty and with curves, if you think you sound like that let me know!
scopia macedoniajojobaby    Essex, England
Still believe in mystery that moment and a little bit of crazy. Life is not a dress rehearsal, spilt milk is just split milk and I don't want to stop dancing.

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